Sunday, April 16, 2017


What's up y'all. I imagine that the majority of people who stumble across this page will remember me as Jett (or J3tt within SOCOM II -- Jett was taken). Get at me in the comments if you'd like, I'll try to keep an eye on them.

This page isn't really being used for anything but my own personal postings. Sure, the blogspot domain is "socomcodesnostalgia," but let's be honest, I was absolutely awful at SOCOM 2, and didn't understand half of what I was doing with hacking; though, I did hack a pretty sweet code in San Andreas that led to the discovery of a lot of hidden shops. I believe I was the first to discover them, anyways, but I never made any effort to publicly disclose them outside of what I knew as "the scene" at the time.

Time to test my memory a little bit:

I worked with blu_fr0st which, if I remember correctly, was Bluman and fr0st m0nkey, but I may be misremembering or mistyping how they spell their names. I was a part of DNAS, though I can't remember how it was stylized. I remember when it was reported that the leader of the same name had died in a way that I couldn't wrap my head around at age 14-15.

I remember RV* most vividly as "my homie." Hood and scrantons and FYREWOLF's insanity. The dax beef (aka dax vs. the world, haha). I know y'all remember Birthday Boy, not trying to toot my horn, but that was my own version of "peaking in high school,"  ya' know? I've felt inspired lately, though, and it was with a huge smile on my face that I purchased this domain. I did a bunch of Googling -- it was valued at $1.63 based on traffic. I think I made a good investment. Bleak, SUPERBOOBS!!!, Chrono, Fusion, TheCyndicate (his lack of activity makes me nervous). There's someone else that I can't put my finger on. I wish I could remember. We'd talk a lot and he was such a friendly and curious person. Also, who the hell was it that was the "resident druggy" of sorts**? He was big on consolecodes and his name is so close to the tip of my tongue. I remember he posted a "how to do mushrooms" guide on consolecodes, going in depth about using orange juice and the reasoning behind it. I think I read it as a freshman in high school and sort-of decided then and there, "I'm doing this someday."

(* damn, dude! It's funny I was just starting to get back into programming in the last couple weeks, and I had pondered briefly, "I wonder what RV is up to nowadays." Some quick Reddit stalking, which came as a product of research for purchasing this domain, lol, turned this badass neuro-synth up. #proudofyouhomiehopealliswell)
(** edit: eccentric, I believe?)

I remember, IDOT and Spit absolutely never once spoke to me in even a roundabout way. And, it's weird, but I always envision IDOT as being like, a conspiracy. Like, he actually was TheCyndicate all along, and his existence disappeared with the website. Someone gave me his alleged screenname way back in the day, but he never messaged me back and I believe that he blocked me fairly quickly. Regardless, I was in eighth grade, living in Ohio, and one night, IDOT came into the lobby I was in and started throwing glowsticks and merkin' kidz with the OICW. Man, that just about did it for me. It was like meeting a celebrity, at least to me 13 years ago. Where'd the time go?

I know I'm forgetting a lot of greetz/shoutz or whatever you'd like to call it and I'm sorry. I could refresh my memory by digging around through old emails or the waybackmachine, but is there a point? If you think I should remember you, leave me a comment! If you're cryptic, my memory is shit (too many booze-fueled years pre-sobriety) and I'm very unlikely to guess unless your hints are over-the-top. You know I love and miss you all.

I'll try to update this with content, though it is mostly going to be for myself. I'm an American -- I like to own things, and now I own a piece of my childhood. A movie out of a still-developing saga that'll never come out on blu-ray.

If anyone's interested, I typed this out listening to Pure Comedy and boy do I agree with this (that) video. Honeybear was a near-masterpiece, and this isn't a sequel to it, at least not in the vein of an unwelcomed sequel. What an amazing and natural progression to the creation of this album.

Here's a picture of me trying way too hard to get my hat to be legible. Oh and Honeybear is in the background! That was about the only unplanned part of this picture, hah.

Hope y'all had an amazing Easter. Peace.

- Jett/Corbin

(PS: I'll be updating the template, just gimme a little bit.)
(PSS: My snapchat is coorswithfalcor and my youtube's channel name is Corbin Vision. Perhaps I'll advertise these more later.)
(PSSS: It also appears that not all the buttons are working on I'll look into fixing this stuff in the future, for now I've put in about enough effort to get a simple and working version of the site up, but it should evolve over time if all goes according to plan.)

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