Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WannaCry, Pirates of Mainland China?

I couldn't think of a better title, but...
HONG KONG — China is home to the world's largest group of internet users, a thriving online technology scene and rampant software piracy that encapsulates its determination to play by its own set of digital rules.
But as the country scrambles to recover from a global hacking assault that hit its companies, government agencies and universities especially hard, the risks of its dependence on pirated software are becoming clear.
Continued here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/15/business/china-ransomware-wannacry-hacking.html?_r=0

I bolded some things for no reason. Thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"CS50 Lecture by Mark Zuckerberg" - YouTube

I'm reserving my opinions/judgements/etc and am going to simply post this very, very interesting time-capsule of a video.

As of this posting, Zuckerberg is worth ~63 billion dollars. This video is ~11.5 years old.

Shiller's "Brain Bugs" w/ Bonus Picture

Reading through "Finance and the Good Society" by Robert J. Shiller, though the actual "bugs" first appeared in "Irrational Exuberance." I thought this was worth sharing (from page 181):

  • Anchoring, a tendency to be influenced by extraneous cues when in ambiguous circumstances
  • A tendency to be overly influenced by storytelling, particularly human-interest stories
  • Overconfidence, particularly in ego-involving judgements
  • Nonconsequentialist reasoning, a difficulty in thinking thorugh the array of hypothetical events that could potentially occur in the future
  • Social influence, a tendency to adopt the attitudes of others around us without realizing we are doing so.
Bonus: A list of cognitive biases. There's plenty of graphical representations of these all over the internet; I'm only posting this one in particular because it's the one I happened across most recently. None of this is "new" information, and some are repeats of the above list:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Hit play, and come away inspired." - YouTube

I've been talking a lot about inspiration. I came across this video today, Kendrick talking to Rick Rubin. For some reason, I remember judging Rick purely based on his appearance in Em's "Berzerk" music video. It was the point of the video to make him look weird, but I took him as show-offy for some reason. He's one chill dude, at least in this video. Very good conversation between the two.

"The following is Condor, Inc.'s Proposal [...for] Diablo" - PDF

I had been watching various Post Mortem talks on YouTube, which are essentially talks from the developers about games past their shelf-life. This PDF stuck out from the Diablo "Post Mortem" I watched. It's the original pitch for Diablo, and is only 8 pages long. Who knew how influential it'd end up becoming? Not that Roguelikes weren't done beforehand, but Diablo certainly left a mark on gaming culture as a whole.


"Creating a NES emulator in C++11" - YouTube

Another somethin' somethin' that's C++ based. I'll be 100% honest, a lot of this is way over my head, but that's alright. Someone in the comments said it best, "this guy is like the Bob Ross of programming." It's easy to draw inspiration from a video like this.

I think so, anyways.

"Stop Teaching C" - YouTube

I gotta recommend this video to anyone looking to start or currentaly learning C++. There's a lot of "spooky stuff" that always deterred me. It all started to "click into place" before seeing this video, but this video was a very helpful tool from a "student's" perspective, simply by pointing out all of the pitfalls that C++ educators typically fall in. The language is treated and used very differently from at least my own memory trying to learn it 10ish years ago.